Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Programming, RunAsAdminExplorer Shim

    HShellExtPack will be merged into Valery Pryamikov's great program RunAsAdminExplorer Shim. More info and download here.

Programming, HShellExtPack v0.3.0

    - added launcher.exe instead of calling cmd for starting not 'runable' files (files that extension not in PATHEXT environment variable)
    - there is no limitation on starting a file at a given priority level
    - enchanced error reporting in case of file starting error
    - program stays more responsive while launching (e.g a long lasting DDE start could lock the program for which the context menu shown, thank's for Valery Pryamikov for pointing out that using MsgWaitForMultipleObjects is much more effective)
    - used BCB5 for building

Programming, HPathCopyShExt v1.2.0

    - quoted path not always worked
    - used BCB5 for building