Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Symbolizing OSX crash, hang, stall log files

I've started to create a collection of usefull OSX services as an installable package and added to SourceForge by the name UMS Services. Currently adds only one, but really handy developer tool service, symbolize. Using symbolize you can easily can symbolicate OSX crash, hang and stall logs with one single click from finder context menu.

More about Symbolize and UMS Services.

Download UMS Install.dmg

How to exclude files, folders from perforce operations

Working solution to exclude .svn, .git, etc. folders, files from perforce operations like Reconcile Offline Work.

Add as last lines to your workspace view definition the following

-//depot/3am/.../.svn/... //your_workspace/depot/3am/.../.svn/...
-//depot/3am/.../.git/... //your_workspace/depot/3am/.../.git/...

etc. for every item you wish to remove from the view.