Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Useful Services (UMS) 1.3.6

UMS is a collection of handy Mac OS X Services and an Application to manage, configure services on your system. Services are contextual workflows available throughout Mac OS X. They accept text or files from the current application or the Finder and appear in the Services menu. They can be used to shorten repetitive tasks f.e on files or folders.

The UMS app supports on-the-fly Service customization via configuration plugins, also let you easily edit the icon and description of each installed service. Letting UMS to run continuously will add ability to get notified about any changes in your services folder or about available new or updated services.

Currently selectable service components

  • Symbolize services 
Symbolize service menu items are simple service wrappers around symbolizelog, symbolizealllogs and add2symbolpath scripts (together with symbolizehelpers helper script) that can be used to symbolize OS X crash logs, hang, stall or sample files.
  • Copy Paths services 
Copy Paths add ability to copy full path, directory name or file name parts of the selected finder items to the clipboard. 
  • Mail Creation services
Mail Creation add ability to create mail with attachments (from the currently selected files/directories), with currently selected texts as message body or from clipboard content both via the default mailer of the current user. 
  • Terminal services 
Terminal service menu item currently serves one simple task, opens a new terminal tab and navigates to the selected path the service was invoked for
  • Run Elevated services
Run elevated menu item currently serves one simple task, runs the selected application or binary as root after elevating for gain proper rights to do so
The minimum required OSX version is 10.7 Lion for UMS!

Purchase and see more about UMS.

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Connect DELL U2713HM monitor to iMac 27-inch, Late 2013 running OSX 10.11 via the thunderbolt port at full resolution

You can find a lot of tips of  'How to' solve the problem in the topic f.e. here or here,  but the one and only solution for me was to choose the proper cable, guess which one?
The Display Port - Mini Display Port.
Neither the dual channel DVI nor the HDMI - Mini Display Port version had worked. I have not had to do any EDID tricks, just had to find the right cable :$
Hope it would help for others to save some time if fighting with the same configuration.